Josef Weidendorfer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I think that both, default and non-default persistant
> mappings, are only a handy convenience issue for less
> typing. If GIT core is not doing this, some (most?) porcelains
> will invent their own way for storing these mappings (like
> Cogito is doing with branches/). I think it is better if this
> is "standardized".

I agree in principle, and it should not be hard to add support
for optional "Default-pull" and "Default-push" keywords to
remotes/ files (lack of which means to use LHS of refspecs on
"Pull" or "Push" lines) to git-parse-remote-script.  Patches

> Currently missing here is automatic detection of the remote
> repository for a given head to be pulled/pushed. But this is
> no format issue.

"git ls-remote <repo>" perhaps?

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