Something simple like the perl script at the bottom would be useful for
showing files that haven't been added via git-update-cache --add already.

I've also found it useful to start adding things to the Makefile's of
the projects I'm putting in git repositories. I think it would be useful
to come up with some standard or recommended names. That could start to
extend the common "make" "make install" with a few other options for
projects that use git as their SCM.


        git-diff-files -p

        git-send-pack `cat .git/branches/origin`

        git-pull-script `cat .git/branches/origin`
        git-read-tree -m HEAD
        git-checkout-cache -q -f -u -a

        vi changelog.txt
        git-commit-tree `git-write-tree` -p $(HEAD) < changelog.txt > .git/HEAD
        rm changelog.txt

        ./git-ls-new-files |xargs -n 1 git-update-cache --add


# Shows you what files have not been added to your git repository

my %allfiles;

# make a hash of all the files except the .git/ directory

foreach my $file ( `find . -type f` ) {
        chomp $file;
        next if substr($file, 0, 7) eq "./.git/";
        $allfiles{ $file } = "";

# now delete all the files from the hash that are already commited

foreach my $file ( split "\n", `git-ls-files` ) {
        chomp $file;
        delete $allfiles{ "./$file" };

# print out what's left

foreach my $file ( sort keys %allfiles ) {
        print "$file\n";
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