First draft of an Arch import. Very limited but will import one
"branch" into one head. The basics are for it to follow branches, and
some support for marking merges (or at least what git would consider

- proper branch switching
- binary file handling
- get the date format right!
- parse the output of cat-archive-log to know what files to add/delete
and cleanup the logmsg
- ensure all shell invocations have error handling
- allow multiple "Archives"
- learn to run repeatedly over the same git repo, importing only new commits
- track cherrypicking to identify how far branches are merged (in the
git sense)
- a few options as to how to follow (or not) the history
  - follow a full branch starting from a full import "down" with
branches opening from it.
  - follow a branch history "up"

An example invocation to import the sears-ldap-dev branch is:

  mkdir sample-import
  cd sample-import;
  git-archimport-script -t /tmp/some/dir -i \
      -A [EMAIL PROTECTED] sears-ldap--dev

the commit message needs cleanup, the dates are bogus, and we aren't
marking deletes... but it otherwise works great! ;)


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