> So I have another anomaly in my GIT tree.  A patch to
> back out a bogus change to arch/ia64/hp/sim/boot/bootloader.c
> in my release branch at commit
>  62d75f3753647656323b0365faa43fc1a8f7be97
> appears to have been lost when I merged the release branch to
> the test branch at commit
>  0c3e091838f02c537ccab3b6e8180091080f7df2

    : siamese; git cat-file commit 0c3e091838f02c537ccab3b6e8180091080f7df2 
    tree 61a407356d1e897e0badea552ce69e657cab6108
    parent 7ffacc1a2527c219b834fe226a7a55dc67ca3637
    parent a4cce10492358b33d33bb43f98284c80482037e8
    author Tony Luck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1124808655 -0700
    committer Tony Luck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1124808655 -0700

    Pull release into test branch

So I pulled 7ffacc and a4cce1 from your repository and started
digging from there.  7ffacc was the head of "test" branch back
then, and a4cce1 was the head of "release" branch.  I checked
out 7ffacc in the repository and pulled a4cce1 into it, using
the GIT with the "optimum merge-base" patch.

    : siamese; git pull . aegl-release
    Packing 0 objects
    Unpacking 0 objects

    * committish: a4cce10492358b33d33bb43f98284c80482037e8      
refs/heads/aegl-release from .
    Trying to find the optimum merge base.
    Trying to merge a4cce10492358b33d33bb43f98284c80482037e8 into 
7ffacc1a2527c219b834fe226a7a55dc67ca3637 using 
    Simple merge failed, trying Automatic merge
    Auto-merging arch/ia64/sn/kernel/io_init.c.
    Committed merge db376974c0aebb9e99e5cd0bce21088c6a9d927c
     arch/ia64/hp/sim/boot/boot_head.S |    2 +-
     1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

It is using c1ffb9 as the merge base.  The problematic path
in the three trees involved are:

: siamese; git ls-tree -r aegl-test-7ffacc1a | grep 
100644 blob a7bed60b69f9e8de9a49944e22d03fb388ae93c7    
: siamese; git ls-tree -r aegl-release-a4cce1 | grep 
100644 blob 51a7b7b4dd0e7c5720683a40637cdb79a31ec4c4    
: siamese; git ls-tree -r aegl-c1ffb9 | grep arch/ia64/hp/sim/boot/bootloader.c
100644 blob 51a7b7b4dd0e7c5720683a40637cdb79a31ec4c4    

So the file did not change between the merge base and release,
and test had the change.  merge-cache picked the one in the test
release.  Your guess in the other message hits the mark.

I wonder what _other_ candidates these two commits have in
common and what would have happened if they were used as the
base instead?

    : siamese; git merge-base -a aegl-test-7ffacc1a aegl-release-a4cce1

You can check what variant of the file each of these commits
contain.  What is happening is:

* the problematic patch 4aec0f is one before 3a931d.  Among the
  three merge-base candidates, only 3a931d contains teh wrongly
  patched version.

* the problematic change 4aec0f patch introduces is part of test
  branch, because it was pulled via release.

* the tip of release being merged into test has this patch
  reverted, and the file is exactly the same as before 4aec0f

So three-way trivial merge algorithm says, "hey, the file did
not change between common ancestor and release but it is
different in test, so the one in the test branch must be the
merge result."

This does not have much to do with which common ancestor
merge-base chooses.  Sorry, I am not sure what is the right way
to resolve this offhand.

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