Recently cogito again say that the rsync method will be deprecated in
future (due to http-pull now supporting pack objects I suppose), but it
seems to me that it still have other issues:

lycan linux-2.6 # git pull origin
Fetching HEAD using http
Getting pack list
error: Couldn't get 0572e3da3ff5c3744b2f606ecf296d5f89a4bbdf: not separate or 
in any pack
error: Tried 
Cannot obtain needed object 0572e3da3ff5c3744b2f606ecf296d5f89a4bbdf
while processing commit 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
lycan linux-2.6 # cg-update
 [41/41] -> "refs/heads/.origin-pulling" [1]

FINISHED --17:50:09--
Downloaded: 11,949 bytes in 5 files
Missing object of tag v2.6.13-rc7... unable to retrieve
Up to date.

Applying changes...
Branch already fully merged.
lycan linux-2.6 #

If you switch it however to rsync again, it works just fine.  Other
branches like that of KLIBC and one or two others do not even pull via

So basically the question is if this is known issues (had mail issues,
so missed the last week or so's mail) ?


Martin Schlemmer

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