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> Have fun.


> What to expect after 0.99.5
> ===========================

> Documentation
> -------------

Perhaps link the 'howto' docs from the git formal docs, so they are
visible via http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/

> * Accept patches from people who actually have done CVS
>   migration and update the cvs-migration documentation.
>   Link the documentation from the main git.txt page.

Yup, run trial conversions for about half a dozen cvs repos, and
currently tracking external cvs projects with git too. Will update
docs as I find time.

> * Update tutorial to cover shared repository style a bit more,
>   maybe with a toy project that involves two or three
>   repositories.

I recently wrote one such 'shared repo' tutorial for internal
consumption at work. Should clean it up, and add to the howto dir. The
incentive here would be to see the howtos on the web - and then I can
point people at it directly.

> Technical (milder)
> ------------------

Personally, I want to complete the Arch import. I'm interested in
feedback on the current code -- anyone has an interest in migration
from Arch or similar patch-centric SCM?


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