On Thu, 25 Aug 2005, Jan Veldeman wrote:

> Daniel Barkalow wrote:
> > I'm not sure how applicable to this situation stgit really is; I see stgit
> > as optimized for the case of a patch set which is basically done, where
> > you want to keep it applicable to the mainline as the mainline advances.
> Maybe I forgot to mention this: I would also like to have my development
> tree split up in a patch stack. The separate patches makes tracking the
> mainline a lot easier (conflicts are a lot easier to solve)

I just try to keep things in this state sufficiently briefly that it
doesn't become a problem. I also split things up into a bunch of branches,
rather than into a stack of patches, and only work on parallel development
before I've actually got a candidate for a series.

> But this would assume that once the patch goes into stgit, it won't
> change except when the parent gets updated. I think we will still change
> the patches quite a bit and simultanious by a couple of people.

The extension I had proposed to stgit should work for this; it would let
you version control each patch just like other git projects. I just think
it wouldn't work so well before the group has agreed on what patches there

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