I'm off to the beach for the next two weeks, so if somebody wants to
munge cvs2git into svn2git, here's the basics on how to pull from a
remote SVN repo:


use strict;
use warnings;
use SVN::Core;
use SVN::Ra;

sub show_log {
        my ($changed_paths, $revision, $author, $date, $message, $pool) = @_;
        $author = '<unknown>' unless defined $author;
        @new = (); @del = (); @mod = ();

        (my $pmessage = $message) =~ s/\n/\n    /g;
        print "*** $revision: $author \@ $date:\n<<< $pmessage>>>\n";
        print "Files:\n";
        while(my($path,$action) = each %$changed_paths) {
                my $act = $action->action;
                my $oldpath = $action->copyfrom_path;
                my $oldrev = $action->copyfrom_rev;
                $oldrev = undef if defined $oldrev and $oldrev <= 0;
                $oldpath = undef if defined $oldpath and ($oldpath eq "" or 
$oldpath eq $path);
                print "$act $path";
                print " <-" if $oldpath or $oldrev;
                print " $oldpath" if defined $oldpath;
                print " $oldrev" if defined $oldrev;
                print "\n";
                if($act eq "A") {
                } elsif($act eq "D") {
                } else {

my $ra = SVN::Ra->new("svn://cvs.gnupg.org/gnupg");

my $latest = $ra->get_latest_revnum();
my $n = 1;
while($n <= $latest) {

        foreach my $path(@new,@mod) {
                print "Reading $path, $n...\n";
                open(F,">/tmp/foo"); # ( OK, so use tempfile() here ;-)
                eval {
                if ($@) {
                        print "... not a file\n";
                my $sz = (stat("/tmp/foo"))[7];
                print "... done, $sz bytes\n.";
} continue {

Paths in SVN are usually prefixed "/trunk/" (main branch) or
"/branches/foo/" (branch foo); tagging is done by creating "/tags/bar",
with the trunk (or branch) revision it is pointing to as its parent. 

So a branch point looks like this:

*** 350: <unknown> @ 1999-09-18T11:04:00.000000Z:
<<< This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
A /branches/STABLE-BRANCH-1-0/cipher/rndw32.c <- /trunk/cipher/rndw32.c 349
A /branches/STABLE-BRANCH-1-0 <- /trunk 348

(and of *course* it may have changes from other revisions in it,
anything else would simply be too easy I guess...). Tags look like they
do, see tag 1-0-0 in the above repo; that seems to happen because their
CVS importer couldn't find a sane branchpoint. cvsps reports the same thing.

I haven't yet examined what a SVN merge looks like.

Nothing stops a SVN check-in from touching multiple branches at the same
time, though in practice that doesn't happen.

The mapping of SVN revision numbers to git SHA1s could get a bit
annoying because incremental imports need to work. Personally I'd use a
.svnmap file which has "svnid sha1" lines inside. The last line
obviously would not have a sha1 because we can't know that before
checking in the file...

So, if I find a working SVN importer when I come back I'll be happy  ;-)
(munging cvs2git shouldn't be particularly difficult), otherwise I'll do
it myself, in a month or so.

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