>I am tempted to move this logic to "git fetch" instead, because
>it has the same issue.  Tony's "linus" branch example has been
>updated to do a "git fetch" instead of "git pull" from the
>earlier description in his howto, but if he happens to be on the
>"linus" branch, he would still have this same problem.

I don't spend much time on the linus branch (just to build an
updated cscope database, etc.).  I never want to check anything
in on that branch [sometime I should figure out how use the "hooks"
to keep me from shooting myself in the foot here].

>In the meantime, warning the user about the issue and suggesting
>how to do the fast-forwarding of the working tree himself in the
>warning message might be the safest and the most sensible thing
>to do.

Yes please ... a big fat warning with coloured flashing lights
and explosions from the sound card.

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