Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Part of threeway_merge, however, wants to search the rest of the cache for
> interfering entries in some cases, which would have to happen differently,
> because I won't have the cache completely filled out beforehand. I'm
> trying to figure out what the comments are talking about, and they seem to
> refer to a list of the possible cases. Is that list somewhere convenient?

Please look for END_OF_CASE_TABLE in t/t1000-read-tree-m-3way.sh;
the table talks about some of the (ALT) not implemented, but
some of them are ("git whatchanged t/t1000-read-tree-m-3way"
would tell you which).

Two way cases are described in Documentation/git-read-tree.txt,
if you care.  If you were not touching the three-way case right
now, I'd move/copy the three way cases there as well, but that
can wait until after your changes.

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