Here is a series of patches which fix some bugs in and add some new
command line options to git-apply.

[PATCH 1/9] Fix git patch header processing in git-apply.
[PATCH 2/9] Fix detection of files with only one line in git-apply.
[PATCH 3/9] Fix processing of a patch file which modifies the same file in 
[PATCH 4/9] Fix the procssing of multiple patch files with --check in git-apply.
[PATCH 5/9] New option --force-delete for git-apply.
[PATCH 6/9] New option --ignore-whitespace for git-apply.
[PATCH 7/9] New option --ignore-applied for git-apply.
[PATCH 8/9] New git-apply test cases for patches with mulitple fragments.
[PATCH 9/9] New git-apply test cases for scanning forwards and backwards.

Robert Fitzsimons

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