I've been trying out git and have some questions...

I installed the latest snapshot of git, pulled down the
kernel (2.6.13-rc7), and started hacking.  What fun...got myself
a git patch and was happy.

Then, decided I wanted to branch off my changes from the
main tree so I could maintain the patch-set separate for
this particular feature.

I created a new branch 'ben_dev_rfcnt'.

Now, I also have another patch that I wanted to pull into git.

Before merging this, I created another branch 'foo'.

I changed to this branch foo and imported my patch and resolved the
conflicts, etc.

I think I'm missing something fundamental though...  I wanted to
change to the ben_dev_rfcnt branch to build a kernel without my
additional patch.  git branch ben_dev_rfcnt seems to change
it fine, but all of the changes for repository 'foo' are also
still here.

Am I completely missing how branches work, or just missing a few


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