Junio C Hamano wrote:
A Large Angry SCM <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


Can you produce a patch to update the git-repack-script documentation to reflect the new functionality?

Not including the doc changes in the patch was my fault, but the
message was meant primarily as an explanation of what I meant,
not for immediate inclusion in the master branch.

I have some other documentation updates sitting in the proposed
updates, so I'd do it myself along with other manual pages if
you and Frank do not mind.

In any case, I first would like to make sure that the proposed
patch you are replying to is something Frank agrees to.

I sent my request to Frank because he was/is the sponsor of the change but anyone can provide the documentation. :-)

I think it'd be a good idea for documentation updates to accompany all patches (and for the maintainer to not be shy about asking for them).

Just my $0.02 as I look at which commands have no documentation.
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