On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> What can one put in the alternates file?  Just an absolute path, or
> does a relative path or a URL work too?

Only an absolute path.

URL's fundamentally do not work, and relative paths end up being parsed as
relative to where-ever the user happens to be (and some commands will 
"chdir()" into the .git directory, while others will not).

For a raw git directory like the ones on master.kernel.org, with a
relative pathname (relative to the main git directory itself) the
_pulling_ should actually happen to work, since that will be happening in
the xxx.git directory using "GIT_DIR=.".

But anything who uses GIT_DIR=<something else> from another directory
wouldn't be able to use it. That probably includes gitweb, btw.

So only do the absolute ones. Maybe we should define some well-specified 
meaning for relative ones, but it definitely isn't there now.

> > or similar. That also makes gitweb able to show diffs etc, something it 
> > can't do for a broken partial repository.
> Gitweb still doesn't work; I think someone needs to update the git on
> *.kernel.org.

Hmm, yes. kernel.org is at 0.99.4, and the objects/info/alternates thing 
was done after that.

It's in 0.99.5, though, so next time kernel.org updates its git version, 
it will automagically start working.

(And I use my own git installation, so it works fine for me, and I just 
pulled the thing without problems).

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