Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hmm. Anything that depends on "--ignore-applied" is fundamentally broken
> as an import tool. There's no way something like that can be valid, since
> it inhently means that somebody is trying to apply a patch that simple
> isn't applicable.
> Don't do this.

I suspect that it is exported data that is broken, if
this --ignore-applied flag is needed for importing something
somebody exported.

I, however, am not 100% convinced --ignore-applied is too
dangerous to be useful in any conceivable use cases, at least
not yet.  For example, you might be cherry-picking a change from
a foreign branch with 'git-diff-tree -p other~45 | git apply',
where the current branch may have already aquired part of the
changes that foreign branch contains since 45 generations ago.

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