On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Dan, I really really *REALLY* wanted to try this out in "pu"
> branch and even was about to rig some torture chamber for
> testing before applying the patch, but you got the shiny blue
> bat X-<.

I'll send a replacement with the settings correct.

> A patch to SubmittingPatches, MUA specific help section for
> users of Pine 4.63 would be very much appreciated.

Ah, it looks like a recent version changed the default behavior to do the 
right thing, and inverted the sense of the configuration option. (Either 
that or Gentoo did it.) So you need to set the 
"no-strip-whitespace-before-send" option, unless the option you have is 
"strip-whitespace-before-send", in which case you should avoid checking 

I don't actually have things set up for preparing patches from work, 
although I can resend the patches I prepared earlier.

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