Jon Loeliger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> (*) -- I knew I didn't need to bother the list with this
>     question.  And that as soon as I asked for external help,
>     the answer would become clear. Sorry to have bothered you.

That's OK.  As I stated before, the primary motivation that got
me involved in git was to help people who do Linux kernel, so
any question regarding the Linus kernel tree extracted from a
copy of his git repository is welcome here, at least to me.

I do not know Cogito very well.  I keep the latest Cogito source
around all the time so that I can figure things out whenever
need arises by reading it.  Most of the time, I would not
offhand know answers to questions like "what does cg-rm do and
what's the difference between it and 'cvs rm'".

Using the core GIT tools only, the sequence of what you did
would have been:

$ git clone <url> <dir> && cd <dir>
$ git checkout -b jdl master
$ rm include/asm-ppc/sockios.h
$ rm include/asm-ppc/socket.h
$ rm include/asm-ppc64/sockios.h
$ rm include/asm-ppc64/socket.h
$ git add include/asm-powerpc/sockios.h
$ git add include/asm-powerpc/socket.h
$ git commit -a -s

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