Hi Y'all,

I've been playing with export a bit, and it doesn't seem to work. Or at least 
it doesn't do what I think of as "work"-ing.

I'm basically doing a git-export and trying to create a quilt series out of 

When you do a "quilt push -a" I get as far as:
[PATCH] scsi: remove volatile from scsi data

which doesn't apply as it (seems to) conflict with: 
[PATCH] fix NMI lockup with CFQ scheduler

Those two commits (and others) were merged by hand in:
merge by hand (scsi_device.h)

Export gives me a patch for the merge, but it a) appears to contain everything 
that was merged, not just the fixup-by-hand, and b) export spits it out after 
both of the commits which the merge merged - which is no good as quilt 
doesn't even get that far.

I realise I'm trying to represent a DAG as a linear series of patches. But the 
merge order is a linear sequence of commits, and so it *should* be 
representable as a linear series of patches. I think.

Any thoughts?


Michael Ellerman
IBM OzLabs

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