Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A few things to improve testing. I'll clean up the series as a whole once 
> it's tested.
> This removes the emu23 tests; I think that the only DF conflict tests were 
> in that set, however, so these should be fished out and added to something 
> else.

Thanks.  I'll take a look at 'test moving' part later, perhaps
this weekend.

I should give Pasky a heads-up, since I vaguely recall him
writing something about always doing 3-way merge even when fast
forwarding in his TODO list in the Cogito tree, and just in case
emu23 was what he had in mind...  I'll also CC: Catalin too
just in case StGIT is tempted to use emu23 in git.switch().

Petr, we _might_ remove "read-tree --emu23" in the near future,
but not immediately.  That will not happen until the read-tree
rewrite Daniel is working on proves to be useful in making
'interesting' merges more reliably work.

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