Catalin Marinas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Brian Gerst <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Add -m/--modified to show files that have been modified wrt. the index.
>> M was already taken so the tag for modifified files is C (changed).
> I think git-ls-files should be consistent with git-diff-cache where M
> means modified and U unmerged (but for the former, M is unmerged).
> StGIT currently uses C to report a merge conflict but I will probably
> change this since it means copied in git-diff-cache.

I think that is an excellent suggestion.  It looks to me that
the tag feature in ls-files needs serious renaming.

 * an option is called --deleted and the variable to control the
   output is show_deleted; the tag variable and string is
   removed and "R".  Probably the tag should be renamed to "D".

 * before "modified", tag_cached was OK, but probably "known to
   git" would have been a better name.  I'd vote for just a
   single space " " as the tag letter; if we want to use printing
   character, then a single dot ".".  Most of the things are
   "known to git" anyway so these are visually less

 * unmerged should be "U" as you say.

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