Agreed on the impossibility of 3-way merges with binary files. In the
branch I want to replay, though, I have commits that add and change
binary files.

> About 'unrelated' trees, if you know of a good tree you can use

<setup snipped>

>     $ git-read-tree -m -u c master b
>     $ git-merge-cache -o git-merge-one-file-script -a
> If the resulting tree looks reasonable, you could now commit it
> telling 'git-commit-tree' that the parents of the new commit are
> master and b, and you practically merged two projects.

Cool! I think this is what I was looking for. The call to
git-read-tree will act as if A and B had branched off at tree "C".
I'll have to read the doco on git-read-tree and git-merge-cache a bit
more to feel comfortable with this voodoo, but it's great.


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