Fredrik Kuivinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In non-english locales diff(1) do sometimes output "\ No newline at end of
> file" in some other language. Set LC_ALL to C before execing diff to avoid
> this behaviour.
> Signed-off-by: Fredrik Kuivinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I was thinking about this when I was examining your other patch.

What else, other than the incomplete line marker (and timestamp
output it uses by default, which we disable by passing explicit
-L flags), are affected by locale in diff output?

Especially, if the diff output is more readable for human
consumers (i.e. reviewers) without making it harder to use to
machine consumers (i.e. patch or git-apply) when generated under
a locale that is 'native' to the data, this patch robs from
users the possibility of doing so.

IOW, in a Swedes-only project that tracks a document in Swedish,
it _might_ be friendlier and more useful to the users if allowed
generating diffs under sv_SE locale, as long as such a diff does
not make the processing by patch and git-apply more difficult
(which your other patch already solved for git-apply).

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