On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Wayne Scott wrote:
> A recent commit in linux-2.6 looks like this:

It hopefully shouldn't happen any more with the improved and fixed

> Author: Russell King <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date:   Wed Aug 31 10:12:14 2005 +0100

I suspect rmk is using cogito-0.13, and that it still has the older 
git-merge-base that can get confused by the date-ordering problem. And 
when git-merge-base gives the wrong result (not either of the commit 
objects it was given as an argument), then "git resolve" will do the wrong 

I just checked, and the _current_ git-merge-base definitely gives the 
right result:

        linux$ git-merge-base -a \
                6b39374a27eb4be7e9d82145ae270ba02ea90dc8 \

results in


ie it correctly notices that the second commit is the parent of the first

> Really 'git commit' should detect problems like this automatically and
> prevent them from getting in the tree.

Well, that would depend on having the fixed git-merge-base in the first 
place, which in turn would mean that such a commit wouldn't happen at all, 
so it's kind of circular. It's not worth fixing anywhere else, since once 
you fix it in git-merge-base, it just becomes a non-issue.

Hopefully we'll have a new cogito release soon, and this particular bug
will be a thing of the past.

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