On 9/7/05, H. Peter Anvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Martin Langhoff wrote:
> >
> > Tell me more about how you are trying the 'recognize merge'. It is a
> > pretty unsophisticated thing, as it trusts the commit message in the
> > first place. But when it works, it works.
> >
> Perhaps it would be good to know what it expects in the commit message?

>From the source, with line numbers:

80 our @mergerx = ();
81 if ($opt_m) {
82     @mergerx = ( qr/\W(?:from|of|merge|merging|merged) (\w+)/i );
83 }
84 if ($opt_M) {
85     push (@mergerx, qr/$opt_M/);
86 }

If your commit messages have a particular format, feed -M a regex that
captures the branchname/tagname in $1.

> My style has always be to use tags for merges; tag the origin branch as
> well as before and after on the receiving branch.

Do you move the tags with cvs tag -F? If that's the case, the data you
need to merge is lost... otherwise, you could hack an alternative
merge detection based on your tagnames.


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