David K.ANegedal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The authorship info in commits created by git-cvsimport-script
> only contains the username of the CVS committer.  This patch
> adds a flag -e <domain> to git-cvsimport-script that makes it
> possible to specify an email domain that is added to all email
> addresses in the commit "author" and "committer" fields.
> ---
> I have stopped using cvsimport, because cvsps seems to produce bad
> output on the repository I'm using it with, but I had already prepared
> this patch.

Hmph.  One reason the original implementation did not do this is
because Linus and other people wanted to have a repeatability,
so making this an optional thing is good, but if we go this
route, I think if it would be nicer to have a --author-map
option that lets you feed a list of:

    <author> ==> "A U Thor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"

mappings, instead of a single -e, which essentially does not add
much information to the result.

I take that your oob comment indicates that you do not have much
incentive/inclination to further hack on this, so I am not
asking you to do the above even if you find my suggestion

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