The "master" branch post 0.99.6 already has the renamed tools
with backward compatibility symlinks.  I'll be sending a
patch to address an issue raised by some people separately to
see what the list thinks, and also will attempt to send out a
patch for the Pasky and Catalin heads later this week.  Also
I'll remove the ancient backward compatible environment variable
names from gitenv.c.

There were discussion on the tag 'git-ls-files -t' output uses.
I got a feeling that we might want to change them to match what
other tools give.  Here is the proposed changes:
    Meaning     Current         Updated

    cached      H               .
    unmerged    M               U
    removed     R               D
    other       ?               ?
    killed      K               K
    modified    info unav.      M

I may also be tempted to rename 'tag_removed' variable there to
'tag_deleted' for consistency.


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