> > Yes, this is nice for smaller projects. But I don't think, that we want
> > to do such a thing on the kernel.org servers. 
> I think this is a very useful feature for for some, but not all,
> repositories. Default it to off and have a magic file (like git-daemon),
> or a config variable turn it on.

+1! It'd be murder for large and/or popular projects, but it's a
really conventient thing to have as an optional feature. Archzoom has
it, and defaults to off ;)

I've checked out Sven's tree as well -- his implementation is pretty
cool actually, much more sophisticated that I'd planned, and using
POST to avoid stupid bots requesting the tarballs.

In this situation ("look at my repo via gitweb, it has some cool
patches over otherhacker's branch") it is hard to discriminate what
patches differentiate Sven's repo from Kay's. I'm thinking of, when
looking at a branch, having a link that shows the equivalent of 
`cg-log -r thisbranch:origin` and another one for `cg-log -r


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