On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Greg KH wrote:
> Or am I missing some option to 'git applymbox' that I can't seem to
> find?

No. git-apply wants an exact bit-for-bit match. Partly because fuzz is 
hard, but mostly because I don't like it. I apply a _lot_ of patches, and 
if a unforgiving "git-apply" works for me, it should work for you too.

One issue is that I want to apply patches that apply cleanly, and if the 
patch was generated against some older kernel version, then it should 
quite likely be _applied_ towards that older kernel version. Then you can 
use git to merge the two.

Of course, I only do that occasionally, for bigger clashes. For smaller 
things, I just edit the patch by hand. And sometimes, I ask the sending 
side to re-generate the patch.

Applying with a fuzz does the right thing most of the time. But "most" 
isn't good enough. I'd rather have a human look at anything that requires 

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