Max Horn <> writes:

>>> +'<rev>{caret}!', e.g. 'HEAD{caret}!'::
>>> +  A suffix '{caret}' followed by an exclamation mark
>>> +  means commit '<rev>' but forces all of its parents to be excluded. For
>>> +  commands that deal with a single revision, this is the same as '<rev>".
>> Is this sentence correct?  "git commit -C 'HEAD^!'" might be a
>> command that expects a single revision, but I do not think it is the
>> same as "git commit -C HEAD".
> Ignoring the exact words I used for the moment, what I meant is that these 
> two commands should be functionally equivalent. Aren't they?

No.  When a single commit is wanted HEAD^! shouldn't be used, and
they cannot be functionally equivalent.  I haven't tried but I think
"commit -C HEAD^!"  would give you a syntax error.
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