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Thank you for the detailed presentation posted on git.or.cz site.

One question: is there any equivalent config spec file for GIT as is in 
ClearCase today?

There are similarities, and differences between git and ClearCase,
I can only point out the very basic differences,
because the philosophy of these 2 tools is completely different.

CC has a "virtual file system", often mounted on /vobs on Unix,
and M:\ (or another drive name) on Windows.

CC simulates a file system, where files are seen according
to the config spec. Changing the config spec will change the
version of the files seen under /vobs immediately.

If you want a copy of all the files on your local disk,
you need to create a "snapshot view". After changing
the config spec, the snapshot view needs to be updated.

git always has a "working tree", similar to a "snapshot view"
(except for "bare repositories", they correspond to a CC server)

CC uses branches
git uses branches

CC uses labels
git uses commit ids, A tag may point to a commit id

CC defines for each file/directory which label is used
   When a file is checked out, a branch is created for that file element
  different directories may use different branches
- git uses the same branch for the whole repo

CC uses labels for each directory, whatever the config spec say for that very directory.
- git uses a commit id as a base for that branch.

So if try to transform "a branch in git" into a config spec,
we do:

$ git status
# On branch my_feature_branch
(and that branch is defined on the whole working tree, similar to /vobs/projects/git/tb)

If I open the "engine bonnet" of git, to see what that means technically, I run on the command line:

$ cat .git/HEAD ref: refs/heads/my_feature_branch
(we are on branch my_feature_branch)

When I dig further:

$ cat .git/refs/heads/my_feature_branch

We see that my branch is taking commit a5b08ff7 as a base line

So a "config spec" could include 3 lines, kind of
"all files are CHECKOUT/CHECKIN"
"All files are based on commit id a5b0a8ff7f48cfd5ea19712680c64a029e99c2ba"
"If you commit one or more files at once, they are recorded on branch "my_feature_branch"

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