Hi all,

I was wondering how hard it would be to make "git push" more adamant
about not pushing non-ff updates. So I wanted to see the effects of
receive.denyNonFastForwards and advice.pushNonFastForward. (By the
way, why is one plural and the other singular? That doesn't seem

HERE=$(pwd) &&
git init --bare remote-repo &&
cd remote-repo/ &&
git config --add receive.denyNonFastForwards true &&
cd .. &&
git clone file://$HERE/remote-repo local-repo &&
cd local-repo/ &&
git config --add advice.pushNonFastForward true &&
echo "1" > one.txt &&
git add -A . && git commit -m 1 && git push origin master &&
git checkout -b next &&
echo "a" > two.txt &&
git add -A . && git commit -m 2 &&
git checkout master &&
echo "2" > one.txt &&
git add -A . && git commit -m 3 && git push origin master &&
git merge next &&
git push

To my surprise there was neither warning nor error. Does this last
push really qualify as a FF update? Apparently, linear history and
FF-only updates are not the same thing?

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