Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> Nope. Only the "--recursive" option to the git submodule script
>> works like that (and almost everyone seems to use that option by
>> default anyway). But for all commands that understand the
>> "--recurse-submodule" option (currently these are clone, fetch,
>> merge, pull and push) that means "include submodules in what you
>> do and don't stop at the first level but recurse all the way down".
>> Without this option they won't even touch the first level of
>> submodules.
> OK, but what does "rm --no-recurse-submodules path" could possibly
> mean in that case?  If you remove "path" by definition anything
> underneath "path" cannot be remain, so in the context of "rm", once
> you decide to remove submodule at "path", not recursing is an option.

Yikes, I hate myself after making silly typoes.  Of course the above
needs s/cannot .. remain/cannot remain/; and more importantly, not
recursing is _not_ an option once you decide to remove it.
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