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Jimmy Thrasibule <thrasibule.ji...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a core project on which I maintain a set of patches using
> Quilt. This allows me to make changes to the project without touching
> the files so I can upgrade to new versions easily.
> I keep my patches and the core project in a Git repository. When I
> want to change something, I apply my patches using Quilt, then I
> revert all my changes and I just commit the resulting patch.
> I would like to have a branch where all my patches are applied to
> deploy the code but I can't find any good way to do this.
> If I create a new branch from master and apply the patches, I will
> have conflicts on the next merge. I need something to apply the
> patches before the merge (maybe using one of the hooks?).

Isn't what you're doing a perfect fit for rebasing [1]?
That is, you keep your changes as a series of commits on top of your
"upstream" branch and each time you're about to bring upstream changes
in, you rebase your local branch on top on the updated upstream branch.

1. http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Branching-Rebasing
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