For the third year, I offered my students to contribute to open-source
software as part of a school project. This year, we had one team on the
core of Git (who implemented better advices for "git status", the XDG
configuration directory, and "git rebase -i --exec"), and two working on
the Git-mediawiki interface (one worked on new features like support for
mediafiles and authentication using the git credentials mechanism, and
another on an automated testsuite).

The project itself ended a while ago, but some of the patch series
needed extra care to end up in pu. This is now done :-).

A few series have been abandoned ("bisect old/new", and "warn before
rebase/commit"), I've added pointers to the gmane threads on the page
in case someone wants to continue the work.

To conclude the project, I would like to thank everybody for their
participation: the students for their hard work, reviewers for their
support and patience, and of course Junio for being such a good

Looking forward to next years' project!

Matthieu Moy
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