Junio C Hamano wrote:
> * rj/platform-pread-may-be-thread-unsafe (2012-06-26) 1 commit
>   (merged to 'next' on 2012-06-28 at ce5f79f)
>  + index-pack: Disable threading on cygwin
> On Cygwin, the platform pread(3) is not thread safe, just like our
> own compat/ emulation, and cannot be used in the index-pack program.

I've been using this patch (applied directly on top of v1.7.11) for the
last two weeks without problem. (So I guess you could declare it tested!)

Are you planning on an v1.7.11.2 anytime soon? If so, could I request that
you include this patch in the release. (I am mildly surprised at the lack
of complaints from cygwin users, but it would be nice to be able to point
them to a release if they start flooding in :-P ).

Ramsay Jones

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