Am 11.07.2012 22:06, schrieb Jens Lehmann:
> Am 11.07.2012 21:10, schrieb Johannes Sixt:
>> Am 11.07.2012 20:11, schrieb Jens Lehmann:
>>> Since 69c305178 (submodules: refactor computation of relative gitdir path)
>>> cloning a submodule recursively fails for recursive submodules when a
>>> symbolic link is part of the path to the work tree of the superproject.
>>> This happens when module_clone() tries to find the relative paths between
>>> work tree and git dir. When a symbolic link in current $PWD points to a
>>> directory in a different level determining the number of "../" needed to
>>> traverse to the superprojects work tree leads to a wrong result.
>>> As there is no portable way to say "pwd -P" use cd_to_toplevel to remove
>>> the link from the pwd, which fixes this problem.
>> ...
>>> -   a=$(cd "$gitdir" && pwd)/
>>> -   b=$(cd "$sm_path" && pwd)/
>>> +   a=$(cd_to_toplevel && cd "$gitdir" && pwd)/
>>> +   b=$(cd_to_toplevel && cd "$sm_path" && pwd)/
>> But if you cd out, how can it be correct not to cd in again if $gitdir
>> and/or $sm_path are relative?
> I'm not sure what you mean by "cd out", but the two "cd_to_toplevel"
> make sure that when $gitdir or $sm_path are relative the symbolic link
> gets removed from the output of pwd. So it's rather "cd into the path
> where the symlink is resolved".

At this point we can be in a subdirectory of the worktree. With
cd_to_toplevel we move up in the directory hierarchy ("cd out"). Then a
relative $gitdir or $sm_path now points to the wrong directory. No?

-- Hannes
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