Paul Gortmaker <> writes:

> If git am wasn't run with --reject, we assume the end user
> knows where to find the patch.  This is normally true for
> a single patch,

Not at all.  Whether it is a single or broken, the patch is fed to
underlying "apply" from an unadvertised place.

> So, provide a helpful hint as to where they can
> find the patch ...

This is OK, but you may want to give a way to squelch it once the
user learns where it is by following the usual "advice.*" thing.

> ... to do the manual fixup before eventually
> continuing with "git add ... ; git am -r".

This is _NOT_ fine, especially if you suggest "patch" the user may
not have, and more importantly does not have a clue why "git apply"
rejected it ("am" does _not_ use "patch" at all).

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