The 12/07/12, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> It does not matter at all that 0001-foo.patch only has a single
> patch.  If you are going to fix up the patch after you saw "git am"
> failed, you will be fixing .git/rebase-apply/patch with your editor
> and re-run "git am" without arguments, at which point "git am" will
> not look at your 0001-foo.patch file at all.

Hugh! Didn't know that.

Is it actually expected from users to manually edit
.git/rebase-apply/patch path? I can't find any reference about that in
the documentation and it really sounds like interfering with the git

Shouldn't git-am/git-rebase expose this to the user (I'm thinking about
something like

  git am --edit-offending-patch
  git am --fix-patch


Nicolas Sebrecht
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