On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 03:17:09PM -0700, Douglas Garstang wrote:

> I'm a relative newcomer to git and I've just inherited a setup where
> all of the company's code is in a single git repository. Within this
> repository are multiple projects. It seems that git doesn't natively
> allow cloning/checking out of individual paths within the repo (ie
> projects), which would seem to make integrating git with a continuous
> build system rather difficult. That is, the build system has to clone
> the entire repo, and therefore a change to any project will result in
> the entire contents of the repo being built.
> Correct....?

Yes. The feature you are looking for is either "sparse checkout" (only
check out a subset of the files in the repository databse to the working
tree) or "sparse clone" (only copy a subset of the files into the local
repository database during clone). Git v1.7.0 and later has sparse
checkout (see the "sparse checkout" section in "git help read-tree").
There is no implementation for sparse clone (and not likely to be one
any time soon, as it introduces a lot of complexity into the object
negotiation phase).

The usual advice is that you should break up your big repository into
logical projects. You can do so with git-filter-branch, but beware that
this involves rewriting history, which means a flag day for everybody
switching to the new history (or dealing with migrating commits from the
old history to the new history via rebase).

Finally, if you have a build system which is cloning repeatedly, you may
want to keep a repository on the build server all the time and just
fetch the updates into it. This is much more efficient even if you do
end up paring down your repository.

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