On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 01:24:18AM +0300, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:

> > Think what "log ^^ origin" would mean.  Is it "log ^HEAD^ origin"?
> > Is it "log HEAD^^ origin"?  They mean totally different things.
> Sorry for my ignorance here but what does ^ *before* HEAD even mean? I

It means "not" (before "HEAD" or any other commit specifier). See
"Specifying Ranges" in "git help revisions".

> > Compared to that, at least ~<n> does not have such ambiguity within
> > the context of Git (having to quote is an ambiguity within the
> > context of using Git with shells that support dirstacks in their
> > tilde expansion).
> Don't know whats dirstacks support either but that I guess just means
> that bash (the shell I have always used) doesn't do that.

Bash does support them, but you may not use them personally. Here are
some examples of how a more bare "~" can go wrong:

  $ set -x
  [this instructs the shell to show us what it is executing]

  $ git log ~
  + git log /home/peff
  [oops, the shell expanded our home directory and passed it to git]

  $ git log ~1
  + git log '~1'
  [this one works ok, but...]

  $ pushd /tmp
  $ pushd $HOME
  $ git log ~1
  + git log /tmp
  [oops, pushd users cannot use ~<n> without quoting]

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