Jeff King <> writes:

> Subject: [PATCH] status: color in-progress message like other header messages

My feeling is that these "in progress" messages would deserve to be more
visible than the usual headers (like "Not currently on any branch.",
which is both legit and likely to be a user-error). For example, the
other day, the patch told me I was bisecting. I thought it was a bug in
the patch, but it was indeed a user-error of mine, I did not end this
bisect session properly around a month ago ;-).

This would argue in favor of having a different, configurable color.

But as the code currently does not allow user-configuration anyway, it's
probably best to make the code clean and uniform. If someone wants to
add customizability afterwards, it won't be that hard (it's probably a
good idea to have people leave with these messages for a while before
deciding what color it should be).

This second patch looks better to me, but no strong opinion here.

Matthieu Moy
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