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From: Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu>

Add a new Python script, contrib/hooks/post-receive-multimail.py, that
can be used to send notification emails describing pushes into a git
repository.  This script is derived from
contrib/hooks/post-receive-mail, but has many differences, including:

* One email per commit [1].

It's cool to have it, but it would be nice to allow the "one email per
push" mode too. I have co-workers who already complain about the number
of emails sent by the post-receive-mail script. I can't imagine their
reaction if I set up a one-email-per-commit hook ;-).

It's already supported:

    git config hooks.announcelist \
        "n...@example.com, overwhel...@example.com, p...@example.com"
    git config hooks.refchangelist \
        "n...@example.com, overwhel...@example.com"
    git config hooks.commitlist "n...@example.com"

Granted, the ReferenceChange emails currently cannot be configured to include diffs, as can those of the old post-receive-email script, and the text alludes to upcoming one-email-per-commit emails. But since it looks like the new script might be put forward as a replacement for the old one, I will obviously put more work into supporting as much of the old functionality as possible.

Thanks for the feedback!


Michael Haggerty
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