Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Matthieu Moy <matthieu....@imag.fr> writes:
>> The algorithm to find a path from the local revision to the remote one
>> was calling "git rev-list" and parsing its output N times. Run rev-list
>> only once, and fill a hashtable with the result to optimize the body of
>> the loop.
> Good thinking.  I wonder if it would further reduce the overhead if
> you stop using --children and do this using --parents instead, as
> you will be reading the parsed_sha1..local range either way yourself
> anyway.

It is possible, yes. I'll resend a version with --parents, but this
probably doesn't change the performance much: what we really need is for
Git to prune dead-ends in the subgraph, to make sure we find a path
without having to backtrack (i.e. we need parent rewriting history
simplification), so Git has to do something a bit clever anyway.

Matthieu Moy
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