On 2011-11-04 02:11:49 GMT, Ben Walton wrote:

> Excerpts from Eric Wong's message of Wed Nov 02 18:09:41 -0400 2011:
> Hi Eric,
>> I don't have much time to help you fix it, but I got numerous errors
>> on SVN 1.6.x (svn 1.6.12).  Can you make sure things continue to
>> work on 1.6 and earlier, also?
> Yes, it's a bit of a mess, I think.  It looks as though the
> modification required within Git::SVN::Ra is going to negatively
> impact other code paths that interact with that package from the
> outside.
> For example, when doing git svn init --minimize-url ..., the minimized
> url is not escaped while the url is.  The minimized url is used to
> strip off the head from the full url using a regex.  This now breaks
> because of the escaping.
> Fixing this locally to the use of the minimized url let me move on
> farther but I then got another core dump.
>> Maybe just enable the escaping for file:// on >= SVN 1.7
> I think that it would be best if this change was only effective for
> 1.7.
> I wonder if all URL-ish objects should be (conditionally iff svn >=
> 1.7) subjected to escaping?
> This would require some restructuring and will take me a bit of time
> to work out as I need to familiarize myself with the code to a deeper
> level.
> Pointers welcomed. :)

This problem still exists. It should be fixed---preferably by the people
who built this apparently unwieldy contraption.

Michael Witten
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