Am 7/17/2012 12:55, schrieb Carlos Martín Nieto:
> But more important would be /why/ you feel that rebase -i is the tool
> you should be using. If you'd like to move the branch pointer back,
> that's what the reset command is for.

Perhaps because that's not what the OP wanted to do?

Sometimes it happens that you rebase a bunch of commits, and only a
handful remains because the others are already in upstream. Looking at
each remaining one closely, you decide that they don't have to be rebased
(maybe because slightly modified versions are in upstream), so you remove
them one by one, and you end up with an empty list.

This has happened to me at one point, and writing "noop" after the list is
empty is a minor nuisance. But I am not complaining. Because being able to
abort an interactive rebase by clearing the list is much more important.

-- Hannes
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