On 2012.7.17 10:44 AM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Michael G Schwern wrote:
>> I've fixed the git-svn tests for SVN 1.7 and tested with SVN 1.7.5.
> Thanks.  git-svn is not maintained by Junio but by Eric and others on
> the list.  I'm cc-ing Eric and Ben Walton so they can benefit from
> your work.


>> There's a lot of work in this change, so I felt it better to submit the
>> patches as a link to a git repository rather than attach a pile of patches.
>> Here is my repository, the work is in the fix-canonical branch.
>> https://github.com/schwern/git
> It is indeed quite the intimidating pile of patches, so I do not think
> we will be able to apply it all in one chunk as-is. :(
> My advice would be to send five or so of the patches that you would
> like to be reviewed first, inline, one per message, in reply to this
> message so we can start to work on that.  Presumably the patches do
> not regress git-svn's behavior but only make it saner, so even if this
> is not a complete fix it should allow us to get started.  See
> Documentation/SubmittingPatches for more hints.

Yes, the refactorings are all as rote as I could make them and only lightly
touch the code enough to make the canonicalization possible... with a bit more
work than was strictly necessary around the Perl build system.

Let me do a bit of rebase work to make things work better as a series of
submissions and I'll get back to you.

I'm new here, and I'll play nice, but let me go on record to state that Git
asking for individual emails with inline patches feels like Sendmail Corp
asking to be faxed an email thread.  I was kinda hoping SubmittingPatches
wasn't serious about that and it was some sort of policy artifact that was
never updated. :-/

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