m...@horowitz.name wrote on Tue, 17 Jul 2012 04:49 -0400:
> I gave the patch a try, and it seems to work great.
> Only problem I realized is that it means that the git commit message
> and the p4 log message end up different, because to p4 the jobs lines
> are special and get stripped out, but in git it just stays part of the
> commit message.  So, when you do a p4 sync/rebase, the commits come
> back without it.  This doesn't make much of difference now, because
> the commit messages come back modified with the p4 path and changelist
> number anyway, but if Luke tries to do that change to store the p4
> path/changelist in notes instead, then we wouldn't want any
> differences in the commit messages, because then the commits hashes
> won't match again.
> Not sure what the best thing to do here is, but I guess it doesn't
> matter until this mythical notes thing happens.

Glad it works.

I didn't think about trying to make the commit messages exact.
That isn't required for, e.g. "git cherry", but might be nice
just to make git/p4 view of the changes more similar.

Okay if we wait and see how the notes stuff goes, like you
suggest.  Could be that Jobs ends up in a note too.

Thanks for testing.

                -- Pete
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