Thanks tom. 

I verified and i have following line in my gitweb.cgi. But still i caould
not get cloan

our @git_base_url_list = grep { $_ ne '' } ("");
        @url_list = map { "$_/$project" } @git_base_url_list unless

        # use per project git URL list in $projectroot/$project/cloneurl
        # or make project git URL from git base URL and project name
        my $url_tag = "URL";
        my @url_list = git_get_project_url_list($project);
        @url_list = map { "$_/$project" } @git_base_url_list unless
        foreach my $git_url (@url_list) {
                next unless $git_url;
                print format_repo_url($url_tag, $git_url);
                $url_tag = ""; 


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