Stefano Lattarini <> writes:

> On 07/19/2012 02:29 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> The inconsistency between the existing one that does not quote the
>> string that is not substituted, i.e.
>>      GIT_UC_PROGRAM[]_PATH=$withval
>> and the new one that quotes _PATH, i.e.
>> looks somewhat strange, though.
> Will fix that in the re-roll.

I see you already used the []_PATH in your reroll, and I do not
think it matters either way in pracice, but I suspect that it is
technically more correct to have _PATH part inside the bra-ket
quotes (of course, changing the style to maximally quote like that
is a totally different topic, and should be done as a separate
patch, so I think your reroll is the right thing to do within the
scope of this series).

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