Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Thomas and me discovered this while hacking on index-v5.  It would be
> a bit tricky to handle there: the index is structured according to the
> directory layout of the files it contains, and the REUC data is the
> same as the conflict (stages) data plus a flag bit, for (future)
> easier toggling between them.  With the behavior before this patch, it
> is possible to have directories that do not have any "live" files, yet
> contain REUC records.  For example, in git.git,
>   $ git checkout 8e17b34c33^1
>   $ git merge 8e17b34c33^2
>   $ g ls-files -s | grep arpa
>   $ g ls-files --resolve-undo | grep arpa
>   100644 0d8552a2c6dc3a5fee5360ea2ff468463461e3bf 1       
> compat/vcbuild/include/arpa/inet.h
>   100644 0d8552a2c6dc3a5fee5360ea2ff468463461e3bf 3       
> compat/vcbuild/include/arpa/inet.h

We just discovered that this merge is no longer in current git.git.  It
went into master as b7f7c079, and the example works with that.

Thomas Rast
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